Yvonne draws on her learning     

and experience - Career and Life Coaching, Art Therapy, the Virtues Project facilitation and the Visual Arts - to create a fun and inspiring workshop that you will find helpful

to gain clarity and enthusiasm for the future, not just for your career but for your life in general.




Life Transitions Workshop


Often we are faced with the need or desire to make changes in our lives or with transitions that we have no choice over, such as a bereavement, a life crisis or the loss of a partner, a job or home.


Sometimes we are no longer satisfied with our current circumstances and wish to make changes or we are embarking on a new career or living situation.  These changes can be challenging as we have to let go of what we know and feel safe with and face an uncertain future, which can leave us feeling vulnerable.


With the right approach, these changes can facilitate a significant positive transformation in our lives.  They give us a chance to learn about our strengths and to explore what we really want out of life. The time of reflection can result in a sense of revitalisation and a new equilibrium.


The Life Transitions Workshop offers processes that guide you as you work through some of the issues and challenges brought about by change and helps you to develop strategies to move forward in a positive way.


Using the creative process allows you to connect more with your inner feelings and helps you to relax and release tension. Have fun while learning how to achieve balance in your life.


The Transitions Workshop is a fun way to find out what is important to you in life, confirm what you want and help you set some intentions. It is a different approach to managing change.




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